Chuck Jones Quarterly
Art Dispersal System

My name is Chuck Jones and I'm an artist living and working in Chicago. I make lots of different kinds of work and just about all of it is in the form of multiples.

I am offering my work as a quarterly subscription. Every 3 months or so, purchasers of Chuck Jones Quarterly will get artwork from me. It could be anything: a video, an audio piece, 3 dozen buttons, a photograph, a sculpture, etc. Actually each purchaser will get two copies of each artwork, or at least two pieces from the same series, so you can keep one and give one away. It's like getting a gift to give every season. You can use this art to make friends, to smooth over disagreements, to pay back a favor. It's up to you. You can subscribe at anytime.

The price is now two hundred dollars for one year. You can email me at

chuck @ babygorilla . com

or write me

Chuck Jones Quarterly
2267 N. Kedzie Blvd
Chicago, IL 60647

Thank you for your time.


Chuck Jones