Here are some pictures of recent embroidery. The first pictures are the newest.
As always, every picture is a link to a full sized image.

This is an image of a car going off of a hill. Is it going to be okay?

This is a picture of an embriodery of a house on fireThis is an image of a bird with a hat, looking out at the world and at a vision of his favorite tree

An 18 wheeler truck has gone off a cliff on a mountain.There's a car that's going too fast over a hill and jumps.Title: "I'm going to pour some poison in your ear."  Alternative Title: "Do you hear that? Like animals dying."What's Up You Cool Baby


This is an embroidered square of stars and spiralsThis is an embroidery of a monster in a room where Mary held the Baby Jesus in a painting by Fra Fallipo Lippi


This is an embroider of a car that looks like it was a block print, with the text "Meet me in AnhedoniaTIny Image of a a monster in a cupA house over deep sea fishIt's going to get worse before it gets better.Volume is a form of generosity.bullBirdA bull forgot what the question was

Chuck Jones