Fuse Works is not a gallery per se, but they put on shows and they deal in art. They are dealers, and the specialize in Multiples and Editions. I make a editions and they sell them and they have sold them, which is nice. They even sold my videos to The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art and some fancy Italian video collection, which means that I am in a collection of a museum which is nice. My general gameplan with these pieces is to make the sale part of the work.

Here is a link to my page at their site. They are lovely and amazing.

Here are some of the pieces.

Champions of the Goo

Dustin as Guruji Sri Gamapema

This is mail art, where a buyer purchases a letter that I will send to a friend of theirs. This handwritten letter is supposedly from a group of traveling musicians who are already on route to stay with the friend. The letter also includes a CD. Here the music, a longer sales pitch for the piece, and a copy of the letter.

456123 (Super Double BFF Edition)



I made this video using all 6 of the Star Wars movies. I might have made the video that military will now use to brain wash and torture people. I've watched it through a number of times. The opening and the middle and the end are great.

This is about 2 hours long.

The Looning (BFF Edition)



This is 86 Loony Tune cartoons layered, blurred, and contrasted(?). The cartoons are synced to all end at the same time.

This is 9 minutes of insanity. Sit really really close.

Sodomy is Good For America

This is a picture of a postcard that reads "Sodomy is good for America."


This is a postcard

In 1999, I made this and the accompanying video in response to a US senator who described activists who were lobbying for laws to protect renters from being denied housing based on their sexual orientations as part of the "Pro-Sodomy Movement."

While I did later discover an actual Pro-Sodomy movement, I wanted to make something that make that senator just insane, and that would make my people , who ever they are, happy.