better view of anit GWB billboard View of anti GWB billboard
BB1 (que) BB2-(head-scratch) BB3-(heart)
BB4-(CORN) BB4-(love) BB5a
BB6-(goaty) BB7-dear-Indiana BB9-dear-Indiana-diapers

Chuck's designs

HolyGangsta MoneyGangsta bush_gangsta
drink-bush nose weed

Dana's designs

In the Fall of 2004, my only friend from Indiana University, Dana Sperry, invited me to join him in producing a billboard for a site hosted by, a non-profit art on billboards thing in Indiana. The billboard was to be mounted on the side of a building facing the expressway in Indianapolis. We sent designs back and forth for a while. Dana was married to this one image of GWB with his thumb up. I just wanted to speak to my beliefs that Bush could give a shit about Indiana, and that most everyone in Indiana deserved to be mocked. We settled happily with my rewrite of Dana's text and with his image. To the right are my original designs and below are Dana's. Here's more information about YOURARTHERE.ORG and our project in particular. We had a complaint filed against us and were investigated by the Federal Election Commision. It's true! Apparently you are not allowed to post a picture of a candidate within 6 weeks of an election if you don't register or something first. I have no idea what the rules are. We had to prove that we were artists. Then we never heard from them again

Chuck Jones