This is a photo of a cooler full of champagne with a sign that says "Here's to Randall."

At one of the COMA shows, Erik Brown returned a favor* and invited Randall Pants to show a piece. Randall brought over a cooler full of Champagne and some plastic cups. He had Ellen Sanderson (his former girlfriend from elementary school) design a label for the cooler that read "Here's to Randall!" He intended people to toast him as they drank the free bubbly, but mostly that just shared stories about times that Randall had made their lives difficult.

*Randall Pants introduced Erik Brown to Catie Olson. Catie had never met Randall before; Randall had seen her give a presentation of one of her videos. So Randall pulled Erik over to Catie on the street and said, "Eric, this is Catie and she knows a lot about wine and she's smart and she makes really good videos, but she's also totally hot so you should marry her." Against her nature, Catie slapped Randall hard enough to rebreak his nose (Atha Clarke had broken it once before whilst swinging a microphone over his head pretending to be Iggy Pop). Feeling terrible about this, Catie hailed a cab and she and Erik took Randall to the hospital where they reset his nose and stopped the bleeding. Erik and Catie talked, left to get a drink, moved in together and then got married.


Randall Pants