The State of Florida

Current State Songs
Proposed Song

The Swanee River

Written by Stephen C. Foster

Way down upon de Swanee Ribber,
Far, far away,
Dere's wha my heart is turning ebber,
Dere's wha de old folks stay.
All up and down de whole creation
Sadly I roam,
Still longing for de old plantation,
And for de old folks at home.

All de world am sad and dreary
Eb-rywhere I roam;
Oh, darkeys, how my heart grows weary,
Far from de old folks at home!

2nd verse

All round de little farm I wandered
When I was young,
Den many happy days I squandered,
Many de songs I sung.
When I was playing wid my brudder
Happy was I;
Oh, take me to my kind old mudder!
Dere let me live and die.

3rd Verse

One little hut among de bushes,
One dat I love Still sadly to my memory rushes
,No matter where I rove.
When will I see de bees a-humming
All round de comb/
When will I hear de banjo strumming,
Down in my good old home?


Florida, My Florida

Written by Rev Dr. C. V. Waugh

Land of my birth, bright sunkissed land,Florida, my Florida.
Laded by the Gulf and Ocean grand,
Florida, my Florida.

Of all the States in East or West,
Unto my heart thou art the best
Here may I live, here may I rest
Florida, my Florida.

The golden fruit the world outshines
Florida, my Florida,
Thy gardens and thy phosphate mines,
Florida, my Florida,

In country, town, or hills and dells,
Florida, my Florida,
The rythmic chimes of the school bells
Florida, my Florida,

Will call thy children day by day
To learn to walk the patriot's way
Firmly to stand for thee for aye
Florida, my Florida.

Yield their rich store of good supply,
To still the voice of hunger's cry
For thee we'll live, for thee we'll die
Florida, my Florida.

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Words and Music by Gerard Choucroun

You know my heart is on fire
Someday I'm gonna retire with you
I long for you Florida

Keeps me safe like a brother
The cops are all undercover
It's for the best Florida

The best thing about a German Tourist
Is nothing at all
Customs guy was remiss for not warning
That BMWs stall

You know my heart is on fire
You'll find me floating on tires
To be with you Florida