The State of North Dakota

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North Dakota Hymn

Written by James W. Foley
Composed by Dr. C. S. Putnam

North Dakota, North Dakota,
With thy prairies wide and free,
All thy sons and daughters love thee,
Fairest state from sea to sea;
North Dakota, North Dakota,
Here we pledge ourselves to thee.

Here thy loyal children singing,
Songs of happiness and praise,
Far and long the echoes ringing,
Through the vastness of thy ways;
North Dakota, North Dakota,
We will serve thee all our days.

Onward, onward, onward going,
Light of courage in thine eyes,
Sweet the winds above thee blowing,
Green thy fields and fair thy skies;
North Dakota, North Dakota,
Brave the soul that in thee lies.

God of freedom, all victorious,
Give us Souls serene and strong,
Strength to make the future glorious,
Keep the echo of our song;
North Dakota, North Dakota,
In our hearts forever long.

(We Eat Our Dead)
In North Dakota
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Words and Music by Chuck Jones

When you think of North Dakota,
You better think of ice and snow,
But we people of North Dakota,
Can't think of any better place to go.

We like it here in North Dakota.
We really do. We like it fine.
We eat our dead in North Dakota.
On fresh bodies we like to dine.