The State of Utah

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Utah, We Love Thee

Written and Composed by Evan Stephens

Land of the mountains high,
Utah, we love thee;
Land of the sunny sky,
Utah, we love thee;
Far in the glorious west,
Throned on the mountain's crest,
In robes of statehood dress'd,
Utah, we love thee.

Columbia's brighest star,
Utah, we love thee;
Thy lustre shines afar,
Utah, we love thee;
Bright in our banner's blue,
Among her sisters true,
She proudly comes to view,
Utah, we love thee.

Land of the Pioneers,
Utah, we love thee;
Grow with the coming years,
Utah, we love thee;
With wealth and peace in store,
To fame and glory soar,
God guarded evermore,
Utah, we love thee.

I'm from Utah
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Words and Music by Chuck Jones

My name is Tom, And I'm from Utah.
When my wife is at her mother's,
I do something that's perverse.
My name is Bob, and I from Utah.
When the neighbors aren't looking
I do something even worse.

My name is Stan and I'm from Utah,
and I've lived here all along.
If the police knew about me,
if they knew what I've done wrong,
They would string me up,
They'd hang me,
from the lights that line the street.
They'd toss me in the river,
tying weights on to my feet.

My name is Mike, and I'm from Utah.
The guilt is overwelming me for all that I have done.
I want to die. Why don't you kill me?
My souls is burnt and empty,
Excecute me with a gun.

We are the men of Utah
and we beg you to do right.
End our lives and God will love you.
He will take you by his side.
He will raise you on his shoulder;
show you paradise above.
If you would only kill
He'll give you everlasting love.