Chuck Jones makes ready to wear jackets and custom pieces. Contact

This is a jacket I'm still working on. It's got some good work
This is a detail of a vinyl patchThis is a another detail of a patch that could be two skulls hinged at the jaw, maybe?The is a nice blue cloth skullBlackvinylghost with a scotchlite star

The Clock Ticks, Accidents Happenaccidentfront leftHilesh Patel is the most attactive man in ChicagoPretty Shapes

The Front of Zach's jacketThe back of Zach's jacketThis is another odd patchThis is a picture of a weird red skull with a kind of lightening beardThis is a picture of a patch that maybe looks like it comes from a military research facility

Semi close up of Chuck wearing the red penguin jacket.  He looks good and dumb at the same time.
red frontred back

Brent wears the Jacket that KW liked.The back of Brent's Jacket
Detail of Brent's jacketChuck wearing the jacket that got him fired