I was in a band* in college. So was every other american college male ever. This was at Connecticut College, which until recently was not known for anything cool.

The Grateful Testicles played about eight times or so before Ethan and Karl graduated in 1992. Ethan played guitar in a much better band called Bang Utot, but for us he played the drums on a free gold flake drumset he got from a friend in Baltimore. Karl played bass with just about anyone. I played the guitar. By the end, Ethan and Karl wanted to punch each other's lights out; before the last show I practiced once with Karl and once with Ethan, but they wouldn't practice together. That show went badly. Karl is now some kind of computer security expert and Ethan is a artist and mushroom hunter in NYC.

Here are two shows that went fairly well, although they weren't necessarily recorded well. Not super poorly or anything, just not well. There is a lot of unforgivable stage banter, but those are marked as Crap, and are not worth having. I'm still in contact with Ethan in real life. Karl blocked me on Facebook. In the first show we are joined by Tom Arcuri, and in the second by Tom Arcuri, Tom Cloherty, and (by surprise) Tom Luckey, the father of Spencer Luckey who appeared in the band playing after us.

In Abbey House (Mono) In Hamilton Ballroom (Stereo - Recorded from the board)

01 Crap
02 Minor Threat
03 Crap
04 Matt Haggett 23
05 N.I.B.
06 Crap
07 Bob: The One Who Hurts
08 (The Story of Ben Smith) a story
09 Do It
10 Crap
11 Durge
12 Crap
13 Go For It
14 Annoying Song
15 School
16 Crap
17 Tracy Burkeholder
18 Crap

19 Ethan Farted
20 Crap
21 79¢
22 Durge
23 Crap
24 Do It
25 Crap
26 Bugs In A Daze (Powerhouse)
27 Bob (with lyrics)
28 Crap
29 Matt Haggett 23
30 Susan Spitler
31 Gong Show
32 N.I.B.
33 Crap
34 Think Again
35 Crap
36 Suess Chant
37 Crap
38 Elaine Close
39 School
40 Go For It
41 Abbey Burned Down

*I was also in one of the various incarnations of "The Ned Beatty Rape Scene." This one was with Michael D. Smith. Our one song was mash-up of Dueling Banjos and Otis' Theme from Superman. We played live once in the Abbey House Living Room to one person, a really nice stoner named Crazy Dave, who was tripping really hard.
Oliver Jones and I were in "Those Crazy Rabbits."