Indiana I-65 Bilboard Project for Whitewalls

This was a project I designed in the spring of 2004 and built in the late summer for a show celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Whitewalls, a magazine of text art and such. After a year of weekly commuting from Chicago to Bloomington, Indiana. Route I-65 from Gary to Indiapolis is brutal in its mind numbing sameness. I made this 3-sided billboard to cap this experience.

Making the billboard was a very different experience than designing them as I came to understand what I could and could not paint. I also understood that the entire piece had to fold up to fit in the back of my station wagon as I no longer have a pickup. I also wanted to use non toxic materials because I built and painted the whole project in my living room. I used a glitter tempura which looked great, but doesn't stick to the boards especially well. Kim, my wife, transferred the Pank's Horn Barn design and did an excellent job. Pank is another name we call our dog Frank.


The Hoosier $lot$ Billboard is very different than the final design which is fine because I was never really happy with the original. Whitewall published a catalogue which also included a letter I wrote, but never sent, to the LaFayette Chamber of Commerce.


Chuck Jones